About PIN CoPoVo

Patriotic Indians against the Corruption, Poverty and Violence(PIN CoPoVo); is a pioneer of the nationwide movement. Patriotic Indians is not just a forum for discussing on social media but going to be a mass movement in upcoming days. It is promoted with a unique IAR concept(Idea-Action-Reflection):

– Idea: which would be mostly discussed in our group and by another mean of social media, something like what’s now and what’s next?? The brainstorming stage.
-Action: implementation of our idea for the real change. It means, just not discussing on the social media but bringing it on the action by many self-organised events across many cities of India.
-Reflection: A time to discuss the impact and again planning for what’s next(as a team)

Word Definitions:
-Patriotic Indian(PIN): any citizen of India who is against the corruption, poverty, and violence, and ready to give at least 4-5 hours/month for supporting the movement.
-Against Corruption(Co): A group member(volunteer) who is standing against any mean of corruption which helps a common Indian citizen.
-Against poverty(Po): A group member(volunteer) who is standing against poverty in India and willing to extend his services to address it; for example, he can address the poverty at his level by his intellectual expertise, by his social work, financial support… and so on.
-Against Violence(Vo): A group member(volunteer) who is standing against any mean of social violence.

Structure of Organisation:
-Admin(s): Volunteer who is taking lead at national/state/zone level
-Moderator(s): Volunteer who is taking lead for organising -event at district level
-Volunteer(s): all the colleagues(group members) of PIN CoPoVo