Quick Decision

This is an small incident which leads to a big change. 

Community has their own opinions while accepting the objective of any mission. Hence become rebel towards the mission. Swatch Bharath mission is one among the community beneficial programme. It associates different people in achieving the mission. People from district administration level to ground level officials, Motivators; mobiliser safaikarmi, Nigranisamiti members etc.

But, Behavior change in individual takes time. There will be a need of frequent visits to make them understand the need of it. In addition there is need of quick decision to bring effective result.

This incident will explain when there is a disturbance in the achieving the target; How the administrative decision at right time effectively solve the issue and become a moral to other villages too. 

The incident goes like this, 

The Chandapar Gram Panchayat of Nathnagar Block of Sant Kabeer Nagar was selected for ODF mission in the year 2016. Chandapar populated by 1312 of 199 houses. Before this year the toilets were constructed through government fund for 30 houses. But, among them only 12 toilets were functional and remaining were defunct. 

Chetram, a farmer got the toilet during last year but he was not using. Therefore, Pramodyadav working as safaikarmi and he was responsible to sensitize the people not to defecate in open and to motivate the people to construct the toilet through subsidy amount given by government. Most of the time, Pramod motivated Chetram to use the constructed toilet. But annoyed safaikarmi and any vigilance committee member’swords every time.

Because, He blames Pradhan saying that, “Even I should get the money to construct the toilet for this year. If Pradhan can give money for the same people once again who got money last year. Why he is not giving to me???”

Pradhan says, “If he comes under provision I could have given. Like, if he have son who got married and have separate house then I could have given”

For this reason he was not using the toilet to make the mission fail intentionally going out for the defecation. To stop Chetram, Pramod took little advance step; One day he went to the place where chetram was defecating and tried to make him fee shame. Pramod’s intention was to just stop his Open defecation. During that time, Chetram got angry and bit pramod’s thighs very badly. 

Pramod got hurt and informed directly to District Majestrate. DM immediately took the decision to send him to the jail. Based on DM instruction Pramod filed a case against Chetram. Hence Chetram was in jail for 15 days. This decision was communicated district wide in all the villages. 

Effect of this decision was seen in district. Chandapar GP got declared as ODF on September 6th 2016. This incidental decision became a model to other villagers too. 

Posted by:   Shwetha Achar


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