Model women: Ubrajidevi

Model women: Ubrajidevi

Nipania was the first village got ODF in Sant Kabeer Nagar district.  Nipania was very dirty village in the whole district. Nipania is the boarder of Basti District. Nipania have 90% population of Muslim community.  There are 120 households having 1200 population; 90% of the populations are Muslim community and 20% of them belong to Scheduled caste. Majority of the people depends on labour income. 

Making ODF was big challenge in the village as communities were not aware about the importance of sanitation. Hence people were not ready to construct the toilets in consideration of culture taboo, no space for toilet construction and due to financial problem to construct toilet before getting the subsidy amount. 

Awareness is an important thing which triggers the people towards any challenge in behavior change. In consideration to the above problem an effective tool was used to sensitise the people. CLTS an effective tool and get the community involvement in different phases. 

In this way, Triggering process was done in Nipania from the GDS/WATERAID and immediately, Ubrajidevi got triggered and understood the cause and effect of not having toilets at home. She joined the Nigranisamiti and took the responsibility to make aware the community in her village.  

Ubrajidevi, 53 years old lady is from very poor family. Her late husband was a labour worker and getting 150/- per day. She didn’t have any children. She lives in joint family; hence have the responsibility of Sister in laws children (2 girls and 2 Boys).  

They have 2.5 bigha land; but the family have income only from 1 bigha.  They get 2 times crop income, from 2.5 quintal wheat and 1.5 quintal mustard every year. Produced product partially used for consumption and remaining sold out for the income. Sales income utilized for purchasing fertilisers, seeds and production expenses.  They had 6 goats in the home. Ubrajidevi and sister in law were rearing the goats. Her husband expired in the month of April due to severe health issue. 

Ubrajidevi says “hamka ka malum koun bimari baa Hamare pas tanku paisa nai bha ililaj karavike achanak mar gaile”  (I don’t know which decease it was we didn’t have any money to go hospital suddenly he expired) 

Ubrajidevi was elder women in the village and she had good rapport with the people. She played vital role in making awareness and sensitizing the community. Soon after the triggering process, she started doing vigilance both morning and evening for stopping open defecation. 

Ubrajidevi educating women while vigilance “Apna shouchalay banao apna laaj bachao bahar mat jao”( construct your own toilet for your  and don’t go out of the home)

One fine day while doing vigilance, Pradhan (leader) motivated her to construct the toilet herself and explained the possible questions from the community towards her, as she does the vigilance but she herself don’t have toilet. Ubrajidevi found it commendable but she didn’t have money for the toilet construction. Pradhan motivated her to initiate the construction process and assured the subsidy amount. Then she decided to sell her goats for constructing toilet. 

She got (4000* 6) 24000/- from selling and constructed the toilet.  All the family members were started using the toilets. In this way she became a model for the community. 

Key achievements: 

After the construction she started doing vigilance intensively by showing her efforts to build the toilets. Simultaneously Pradhan took efforts to reach the higher authority to leverage the fund for the toilet construction.

Pradhan took the help of GDS/WATERAID to construct the toilets with appropriate technology. Also mobilization activities like, rally was conducted through Madarasa students and Ratrichaupal was organised to clarified the doubts about the technology (community was not ready accept the concept of 1 meter twin leach pit toilet). Through this mentioned problem got solution.

In this way, within 2 months Nipania was ready to get declaration of ODF. On August 6th 2016 Nipania declared as ODF. District magistrate (Dr. Saroj Kumar) honored   Pradhan, secretary and all the vigilance members by giving 1000/- of cash reward and certificate. Ubrajidevi became model and got famous in both district level and national level.  District magistrate identified her motivating capacity and made her icon for election campaign.

Posted by: Shweta Achar


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